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40 Plate Chart Revealed

Here are 110 articles explaining the 40 Plate Chart, which are pictorial illustrations of biblical events in history. They reveal spiritual principles, which Yahweh Elohim revealed to Dr. H.C.Kinley in a divine vision and revelation. These illustrated events explain how man and the creation came into being according to an archetype (original) universal pattern, revealed to Moses in Exodus.

Dr. Kinley enlisted the help of his son RP Kinley to paint the original 40 plate chart. Now it's the Word or Son Yahshua the Messiah being the teacher and the comforter who has explained the reality of these charts and the same one in you to reveal what the words mean.

This 40 plate chart pictured above is not big enough for you to see and to follow along in the articles. You can however click on the link on the left hand side to take you to a much larger version of the chart at that web site.

We begin with the very last article Part 110 and end with Part 1. You can go the Blog Archive section on the lower left side and click on to any Part 1 through Part 110 and it will be displayed on your computer screen.

We hope that you will gain a better understanding of Yahweh our Elohim as He really is and actually exists.

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peace, love and joy always and forever, The Ark and Spirit

Part 110..40 Plate Chart

Plate 40 is called Ending. The words Sanctum of Sanctorums is in the MHP and a figure of a man with the 7 golden lamp-stand. Sanctum is a sacred place where one is free from intrusions. The scripture in the CAA is Rev.1:12-20. In this scripture it describes the one liken to the son of man and it fits the tabernacle pattern. By placing the tabernacle with this scripture you will see what I mean.

The hair as white as wool is the cloud in the MHP. The reason your hair turns white at old age is because you are getting ready to go back to Yahweh. The cloud is denoting the spiritual presence of Yahweh. Your brain is gray and white and this is where Yahweh dwells and not in the sky. The children of Israel followed a cloud and every where the cloud went they went, just as every where you go you are following your cloud. In Part 109 I explained how you follow the messages sent down from the brain, through the spinal column and out through the peripheral nerves. Our brain is in touch with every part in the body as it sends and receives messages. The voluntary and involuntary systems are all under the control of who is really dwelling in your cloud. Before we even had one thought as babies, messages were sent to all parts of our body. Now who is sending these original messages? Why of course Yahweh who is Spirit. The intelligence, wisdom and knowledge of all these messages to carry out their purpose came from the divine Intelligence, Wisdom and Knowledge of Yahweh. They did not evolve over millions of years. They were there in the sperm and egg and even before.

His eyes were as flames of fire is the schechinah which was a light that flashed between the wings of the Cherubim's on the Mercy Seat in the tabernacle, expressing the divine presence of Yahweh Elohim. This light that flashed is when you understand Yahweh as He really is and actually exists. It is manifested when you get a revelation that flashes in your cloud which brings recognition of Yahweh Elohim in your cloud. We have all experienced it when it dawns on us what Yahweh really is. The Light is turned on in our understanding as something is revealed to us.

The 7 golden lamp-stand (not candle stick as there were no candles) is found in the Holy Place. The high priest filled the 4th stem with oil which then filled the rest of the branches up which were the 3 on each side. This is to show you that Yahshua came in on the 4000th year from Adam and after his death, burial and resurrection poured out his spirit on the day of Pentecost which lit up all the ages before and after him in spiritual understanding. The oil denotes spirit and flowed down the 4th stem, just as Yahweh's Spirit flowed down through Yahshua the Messiah. In the ages and dispensation chart the 4th age is when the Holy Spirit was poured out, which revealed the mysteries in all ages. The mystery was that Yahshua the Messiah was in you which would reveal Yahweh in your cloud. This then will light up your ages and dispensation and ages within you as you realize that the spirit that dwells in your mind is none other than Yahweh Himself. Even the sun placed on the 4th day of creation reflects the Son of Yahweh that came in the 4000th year (one day is as a thousand years, 4 days=4000 years). In your Post Diluvian Age the Son (Yahshua the Messiah) appears first by the law and prophets through the teaching of the divine vision and then took the flesh off to appear in you (your cloud). And they that look for him to appear the 2nd time shall he appear without sin offerings.

His feet were fine brass as if they burned in a furnace is liken to the Court Around About with the altar of sin sacrifice. All the vessels in the CAA where made of brass and the vessels in the Holy Place and Most Holy Place were made of gold. Brass looks like gold but is not real gold. The CAA lines up with Egypt where Pharaoh ruled which is portraying Satan ruling our minds in darkness and ignorance and this is where all our false concepts, ideas, and opinions looked like the Most High (brass and not gold or the reality).

Out of his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword is pointing to the two tables of stone that Moses came down from his 3rd trip from Mount Sinai that went into the Most Holy Place in the ark of the covenant. The second tables of stone (not the 1st, which were broken) pointed to the second covenant that was going to be written by Yahweh in our heart and mind after the death, burial and resurrection and out pouring of the Holy Spirit. This take place within you as Yahweh writes His Law after Yahshua resurrects a quickening Spirit within you. The writing by Yahweh denotes Yahweh revealing Himself or writing with His spirit and revealing Himself through this writing. When you hear or read words from Yahweh, it is then written within you and you become what the words really mean. That is why the second tables of stone went into the Most Holy Place, your head cavity.

This is a brief description of plate 40 and the tabernacle pattern. Plate 40 is really plates 1, 2, and 3 combined. It is the divine vision of the real Son being revealed, as it's the end when all things shall be revealed. Through the 40 plates it has been one Spirit walking down from beginning to end.

I did not set out to write about the 40 plate chart, it just unfolded that way. Neither did I think that it would take 110 articles to describe what the 40 plate chart was all about. This has been all the Fathers doing. We must keep in mind that these charts where only painted to get spiritual principles across. It's the divine vision pictorially illustrated. Yahweh has shown us how there is more than meets the eye when we looked at these charts.

The true message is not really on the charts, but within us, just as the divine vision originally took place in the cloud. All these plates are pointing to the one Spirit and this one Spirit has always resided within us and really is us.

We have all changed since coming into contact with this divine vision. Just as a seed comes out of the dark soil and reaches for the sun, so did we as the true seed grew to reach the Son, Yahweh Elohim Himself.

The true Son is not the one on the cross, but the one in the phenomenal cloud. The one on the cross is for the devil to play around with (Christianity is the witness of this ) as Yahweh has resurrected out of that body and is now appearing in a glorified resurrected Spirit. He has also repeated this through Dr. Kinley as well, as what was in him is now in us.

You see it's all in the power of the resurrection. All the plates are demonstrating the resurrection of Yahshua the Messiah. Not physically but spiritually. The demonstration is within you as you come out of your physical mind and experience the Spirit of Yahweh.

It's very simple when you come down to it, but it is hid in a mystery. Yahweh has laid it all out for us to see. It still must be revealed as this is how Yahweh set it up to get His glory. If you could figure it out yourself, then you would not need Yahweh. That is how Yahweh set it up as flesh and blood (our fleshly mind) can not inherit the Kingdom. Everything must go back through Yahweh Elohim, the true Son of Yahweh. If you are in that body, then you have put on the Messiah (9 divine attributes and not a body that is on the cross).

The 40 plate chart starts out with the pattern of the tabernacle (plate1) and then the divine attributes (plates 2 and 3) and ends with them combined (Plate 40). Just look what is on the front of the Elohim book. It's Yahweh Elohim, the tabernacle pattern, the human body and all dwelling in the cloud.

That is what makes up our understanding of what is now appearing in our cloud (Plate 40).
Hello are you Yah? The Ark

Part 109..40 Plate Chart

In the physical body the system that coordinates all other systems is the nervous system. This is divine Intelligence manifested. The sending and receiving of messages from the brain through the spinal cord and out through the nerves makes our body work in harmony.

Where do these original messages come from to know what to do? It is from the Source, Yahweh Himself. All nine systems in the body is a direct manifestation of the nine attributes working in the physical. You can't see them, but what all 9 systems are doing is the visible manifestation of each attribute. The nervous system is divine Intelligence at work. It is the crown of all the attributes just as the nervous system is in the body.

The brain is the most complex organ in the body. Not only the flesh and blood which makes up the physical brain, but what is going on inside the mind. Now that is a mystery to this day. How do pictures appear in your head? What is consciousness? How do thoughts really come into existence and many more. There are many things happening inside the brain that are invisible which scientist can not see. Remember Yahweh said He would dwell in the cloud which is the gray and white matter of the brain, as this is where our consciousness and our thoughts come from.

The nervous system consist of the brain, the spinal cord and the nerves. One, two, three. What the brain sends the spinal cord must carry out, as well as the nerves. The nerves are not doing their own thing and they certainly don't have free will of their own. What ever the brain says, everything carries out its will. The brain is in charge, just like Yahweh. What ever Yahweh willed within Himself, the Son (Yahweh Elohim) must carry out in the incorporeal and then in the corporeal. One, two, three.

Yahweh Elohim does not have free will, no more than the spinal cord does. Elohim is carrying out the will of the Father as is the spinal cord with the brain. It's a unity, not a trinity. It's the same Spirit only now it has come out of its rest and is working. If the brain sends a message out, and the spinal cord does something different and then the nerves carry out another message completely different then we are in big trouble. You see what I mean?

If your brain sends a message to scratch your nose and you scratch your bottom, you are in one hell of a mess, smile. If you go to walk and your brain sends a message to lift your right foot and your left hand goes up, then the message is not being carried out in unity. See how this works?

When you think about going into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee, your body is carrying out the invisible command inside your head. What ever you will to do, the physical body obeys your commands. Lift your arm, legs, wink, smile, you name it, it obeys.

Next time you are walking and you are thinking about something, look down at your feet and ask yourself who is doing the walking while you were thinking? What is actually happening is your body is carrying out your will when you originally decided to take a walk. The brain, the spinal cord, and nerves all work in unity.

That is the same as Yahweh instituting His will, then taking on shape and form and manifesting in the material. It's one Spirit. These three are ONE. Everything we do from getting out of bed in the morning, to going to work or putting food in our mouth, your brain is sending messages down the spinal cord out into the nerves to move your body. Every time you move, there is a message sent from the brain. Your body is the visible manifestation of the invisible thoughts and desires.

The attributes in plate 2 and 3 will carry out all the commands in all 40 plates. The 40 plates are the visible declaring the invisible attributes, just like all nine systems are declaring the nine divine attributes. Line upon line the messages are being sent from Adam on down to right now. The physical creation is liken to the nerves that are just carrying out the visible will of the Father. The nerves have no covering where as the spine and brain are incased in bone to show their invisibility. Just as Yahweh and Yahweh Elohim are invisible and Yahshua you can see.

What Yahweh instituted within Himself, in His pure Spirit state, He carries out when He takes on shape and form as Yahweh Elohim. When Yahweh Elohim then steps down into physical manifestation, the same will is carried out as well. It's the same message from beginning to end. It's the same Spirit, not three. One message comes down from the brain to the spinal cord and the nerves carry it out. Not three messages, but one.

Now here is the reality. As soon as Yahweh thought this particular purpose up, the purpose was finished when He stepped down into shape and form because He had already declared the end from the beginning. Everything must now carry out His will. The incorporeal and corporeal is now carrying out His entire purpose from start to finish. No free will, only the will of the Father. When Yahweh desires to create another purpose within Himself, then Yahweh is again willing what ever He wills to be. Free will comes in the conception and the unfolding is the will being carried out.

That is why the Son must carry out the Father's will. Not my will, but thy will be done, both in the invisible and the visible. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. When Yahweh took on shape and form as Yahweh Elohim He could not change anything. Why? Because it was finished when He thought it all up back in pure Spirit. The carnal mind will think because Yahweh can't change anything that He has lost His power and is not all powerful. Not so. He doesn't make mistakes, so there is no reason to change anything. Why would He want to change anything when He is divine Intelligence Himself?

Yahweh is not stupid to create a creation and then say, "Oh I forgot to do this or I forgot to say that". Divine Intelligence, Wisdom, and Knowledge knows what is happening at all times because it is everything. It's impossible for divine Intelligence to make a mistake.

Why would Yahweh change His will when He said I will do all my pleasure and My council shall stand. Everything is His will. If everything in the physical is Spirit materialized, then everything is carrying out His will, because He this Spirit Himself. He is not a spirit, He is Spirit.

He didn't really create the creation in reality, He is the creation. He willed Himself to be it, all atoms, cells and molecules as it's His own Source and Substance don't forget. It's a unity or one Spirit carrying His purpose declaring the end right from the beginning. He instantaneously transformed into the entire universe.

When you are walking, your body is actually carrying out the end result of what you thought or desired to do. When you go get a cup of coffee the drinking is the end result of your invisible thoughts to have coffee.

When we were born and came into physical existence everything that was going to make us up was already declared invisible in the spermatic fluid (the cloud). Your end was declared right from your beginning. If you wanted blue eyes instead of brown, you would have to go back into the genes and chromosomes and change them before they took on shape and form. As soon as the sperm entered the egg, everything you were going to be is predestined.

As soon as Yahweh decided to make this particular creation (as this was not the only one), everything was then predestined to be what He willed to be within Himself. Taking on shape and form was what He decide to do when He dwelt in Pure Spirit. Coming down into the physical was what He already thought up to do when He was without any particular shape and form.

We are built in the likeness and image of Yahweh. That is why the brain, spinal cord and nerves work the way they do because they are pointing to Yahweh, Yahweh Elohim and Yahshua. The abstract, the intermediate and the concrete. Spirit, soul and body. The Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit.

So next time you move your arms or legs, smile or talk, think about what is happening. There is an invisible signal coming from the brain traveling down the spinal cord, and going out into the nerves to move what ever you have decided to do. He provided a way for the message to come down from the brain to the spinal cord and out through the nerves. Just think if there wasn't a spinal cord or nerves, then your body could not move at all. This shows you right there that if Yahweh did not take on shape and form and then manifest as the physical , there would be no thoughts or physical creation.

I will tighten this up in the next article. To be continued. The Ark

Part 108..40 Plate Chart

You don't have to work on normal everyday consciousness. It appears automatically. It works by itself by the balance of all the chemicals in the body. It works because we are built by a pattern. We grew up into this physical consciousness which provides our view of the world and ourselves. It works all by itself. We don't realize this because we are in it and take it for granted.

It is a gift from Yahweh. Yes, even our physical consciousness is a free gift. It was given to us at our birth and we developed within it from that day forth. We all know that we are more than our physical mind, as Yahweh has proved it to us by our ascending into Spirit. This ascension takes place as we listen to the spiritual words from Yahweh.

We have all experienced an out of the carnal mind experience. We have ascended out of it to see Yahweh. We now have spiritual consciousness which means we are aware of knowing Yahweh. This is also a free gift that can not be earned. It slowly becomes our reality now as we move into the awareness of the Spirit of Yahweh. This truly is were we live, move and have our being.

We have actually come from the old world into the new world right within our own heads. We have made a transition from our physical consciousness to our spiritual consciousness. This takes some real genuine Power (Yahweh Himself who is this Power) to come from absolutely complete darkness and ignorance into the glorious Light of spiritual understanding of what is real.

Everything starts to become transformed into miracles. Even our physical body, which we have been dwelling in all our lives while we have been here on earth, gets transformed as we see how fearfully and wonderfully we are made. It's the recognition of the reality of Yahweh in all things that puts you back into the garden.

Just take a look around you and see how much Love Yahweh has provided for you. It starts off with your parents as this unlearned love is given without works of any kind. You don't have to earn it, it is given by grace. Yes, we have our ups and downs, but if you have been caused to come into contact with this divine vision, you are blessed beyond measure. Yahweh just gave it to us one day and opened it up.

He knew where His Son was at all times. We didn't. That is the only reason Yahweh made contact with us because the seed was there in our heart and mind right before the foundations of the earth. Even before the sperm and egg, He knew where you were.

His purpose is to call His Son out of Egypt (the darkness of a carnal mind) and return him to the bosom of the Father. In other words, Yahweh Himself came down. He that came down from heaven is the only one that will return to heaven. Now how about that?

So as this seed grows within our heart and mind, the prodigal Son returns to his Father. And yes a feast is prepared for us by the Father by the return of His Son. Isn't this pretty? When Yahweh instituted His purpose within Himself back in pure Spirit before He even took on shape and form as Yahweh Elohim, He had already fulfilled it within Himself by declaring the end right from the beginning.

Before He sent the children of Israel into Egypt by a famine in Canaan's Land, He already knew He was going to deliver His Son back to the Promised Land. Before He placed Adam in the garden, He already knew He would come down in the 4000th year and return His Son back. He already knew that when He placed the sun in the 4th day, (one day is has a thousand years 4th day =4000 years) He would resurrect a quickening spirit and pour out His Spirit at Pentecost.

He already knew before your parents got together, that their seeds were going to take on shape and form as you and that you will be guided through life to come back to Him. The Kingdom was already prepared for His Son.

Now, that is the reality of what is taking place within us. He set everything up to go according to the pattern of Himself. We have witnessed it by the tabernacle pattern fitting all things with unerring accuracy. We have seen that what we called our body and our spirit, are really His. We have seen this with our own eyes by what has been revealed by the divine vision.

The divine vision is His Son (Yahweh Elohim). This is now taking on shape and form within our clouds. It's not a bunch of knowledge of correlations, but it's His Son first appearing in the visible and then in the invisible which take place right within your own cloud. We are in the fulfillment of when Yahweh said I will appear in the cloud in the Most Holy Place. This truly is the Kingdom on earth and is the Kingdom of heaven.

Plates 38 and 39, in the Most Holy Place, is where this divine vision will put you. Have we not all been delivered out of Egypt? Have we not been fed in the wilderness? And haven't we all crossed the veil into the Promised Land and seen the Son declare that He was the one who did all this in us? Well, Hello you Yah. The Ark

Part 107..40 Plate Chart

I see angels working.

Welcome to the kingdom of heaven without judgment of good and evil. All is Yahweh. The lamb is laying down with the lion. The trees are laden with succulent ripe fruit and when touched are ready to just fall off the branches into our hands. No works as it's all been done for us. The kingdom of heaven is already prepared and waiting for our divine presence.

Everything is provided for our spirit which we have found to be the off-spring of Yahweh. All the angels in heaven will administer divine messages to continue our spiritual journey of oneness with the Father. They are there only to serve our return to the Father, both in this world and in ages to come. Did you hear that one? Not only in ages to come but right now in this world. Angels are ministering spirits sent by Yahweh. Not that we are worshipping angels, but we recognize the presence of Yahweh in all people we meet.

Everything we have done in this life has been to lead us to this divine vision, which is Yahweh Elohim Himself. The Son of Yahweh will arise with healing in His wings as we discover this is who we really are. Out of Egypt have I called My Son. The wisest and the most intelligent (Yahweh Himself) has laid the foundation for His love. This is My Son whom I am well pleased, hear ye him.

We are blessed beyond measure to witness this great event taking place in our heart and mind. We truly are 'The True Man Show' as everything has been for the spirit in us (Yahweh's son). Everybody has been administering and helping the spirit in our cloud. Yahweh wants to please His Son as Yahweh's glory is in this unfoldment. It's Yahweh's free gift to do all His pleasure in His Son right within our cloud.

Yahweh will find us in the morning Son when the night is through. If Yahweh be for you, who can be against you?

Look at what the angels are doing in Plate 39 in the Holy Place? They are there helping the people to awake and ascend into heaven. These are your spiritual thoughts that know Yahweh as He really is.

You must remember that the 40 plate chart is painted with pictures to depict spiritual events within our mind/cloud. Angels are painted with wings to depict their freedom in the spirit. We are not resurrecting in physical bodies, but in spiritual bodies. The charts are only pictorial illustrations.

I see angels working. The Ark

Part 106..40 Plate Chart

Plate 38 is called Eschatology which means the last things, such as death, judgment, immortality, the doctrine concerning these (taken from the Elohim book page 122 Part 1). Although these things are transpiring in principle within ourselves, there will come a time when Yahweh will end His purpose. This means the physical will end. We all know there was a beginning to this physical creation, so there must be a end since Yahweh is Spirit.

We all had a beginning into this world and we all know we have a end. The physical body resides in time as all cells are programmed to go so far and that's it. Although it is called the end, it is only referring to the physical creation as we all know that Yahweh is eternal. Spirit does not die, it only changes its manifestation.

Spirit came down by the pattern from Pure Spirit (1), into the incorporeal (2) and then into the corporeal ( 3) and will return back to the incorporeal and finally back to Pure Spirit. The incorporeal stage is where we are all headed after the physical is consumed by Yahweh, which is also already taking place within our cloud. All He has to do is change His manifestation and it's done. Remember Yahweh (Spirit) is the I in "I will be what I will to be". This means He is the only one who has this power to create creations and it's all being done within Himself . We all live, move and have our being within Him. Don't forget He is not up in the sky.

In the Court Around About in plate 38, it has the words Lake of Fire. Yahweh is a consuming fire as remember the cloud changed into a pillar of fire by night. We all know what fire is in the physical, but this is a spiritual fire and has the power to consume all atoms, cells, and molecules as these are the building blocks of matter. Yahweh willed them in, and He is going to will them out when He is ready. This fire has the power to consume all physical thoughts as well as the carnal mind will be completely consumed at the end. Also inside the earth is fire as volcano's tell us this truth. The physical earth is really the altar in the Court Around About don't forget.

The judgment is this divine vision that will judge all things. In fact the reality is that the divine vision is Yahweh Elohim Himself (Plate 2,3). As He reveals Himself, Truth will consume all false concepts, ideas and opinions. This is already happening within ourselves as we receive these divine attributes which is Yahweh revealing Himself as the divine vision. One of these attributes is Justice don't forget, and we are being judged by these divine attributes of Yahweh as they are the only ones which contain pure Truth or reality.

There are many concepts in the world of the last days and judgment with Jesus coming down to earth to rule in Jerusalem to judge the world, but they are all dealing in the physical. Without the pattern you can come up with all kinds of opinions and interpretations of what might happen. These are all what the carnal mind is trying to figure out by reading the bible and we all know what a mess they have already made out of that. Christianity is the evidence of these carnal interpretations.

As you pass through these divine attributes all spots and blemishes will be consumed. In other words the spiritual fire is there to get rid of any false interpretations so that what comes out the other side is pure (without spot or blemish). Do you understand? The spiritual fire is made to do this so we can see crystal clear and not have anything dragged over into the age of immortality. It's a blessing in reality because if this did not happen then we would drag over our carnal minds into the next age, and we sure don't want that to happen. Am I almost right? Smile. This divine vision will take care of that man, thanks be to Yahweh.

The numbers 666 is also found in this plate (CAA) which is the number of the devil or Satan and his demons. Six is one short of 7, which shows you the devil can come up to the veil (sixth step) but can not go into the 7th step on into perfection (Most Holy Place). Yahweh made him to be a contrast or a worthy opponent, but he can never be equal or as great as Yahweh Himself. He is like the most high, but not The Most High. See the difference?

We can all testify to that as we can see who it was in our minds and how slick we were in our own deception before the divine vision revealed Yahweh Elohim to us. Our carnal mind is being consumed within ourselves by receiving this great divine vision (Plate 2, and 3 again) on this side of the veil.

Divine Intelligence is consuming man's intelligence. Divine Love is burning up the ego's love of itself. Divine Justice is getting rid of all good and evil judgment of the carnal mind. Divine Foundation consumes the foundation we built all our blind faith upon of what we thought of the world and our self. Yahweh is a consuming fire and nothing will remain at the final judgment that has spots or blemishes. What you have that really knows Yahweh will be saved as fire doesn't burn fire.

Yes this is Yahshua revealed from heaven taking flaming vengeance one those that do not know Him. What is it that doesn't know Him? The carnal mind. It's death. All those thoughts (angels of death or messengers that were created to deceive us to worship the beautiful angel instead of Yahweh Elohim), will be consumed. We are blessed beyond measure to witness this divine vision within our clouds right now.

The divine vision consumed Doc Kinley's concepts, ideas and opinions of what he thought God was. Those divine attributes came down and consumed those false thoughts in darkness and ignorance that Doc had before the divine vision and will do the same to you. All false images, idols, of what we thought with our carnal minds can not stand against this divine vision of Yahweh Elohim revealing Himself in our clouds. Consummation folks.

Every knee and every tongue will confess to the glory of Yahweh Elohim. We all shall return to worshipping Yahweh instead of that man of sin. That is what is happening right now as you receive all the words you have heard about this divine vision. Angels (divine messengers) coming in all their glory as Yahshua the Messiah (His Son appearing in your cloud ) is revealed from heaven. Not up in the sky in those clouds, but as you.

The fire is already lit. The spark happened in 1931 and the fire is spreading until it consumes the whole earth. When the last stone slips into place, when the last piece of the puzzle is put into the divine picture, then the final consummation will happen right in our cloud. This is Eschatology. The Ark

Part 105..40 Plate Chart

Going to class should not be a chore or a duty. It should be because you really want to know more about Yahweh. I write out of pleasure as I get lifted up in the Spirit . If you feel you must go to class out of fear, then you are really not in class. You are just going through the motions by bringing your physical body to class (Court Around About). I only mention this so that you can do a reality check on yourself. If you are also just coming to class because Dr. Kinley said so, then you are still not coming for the right reasons. Yahweh knows your heart and mind. Come to class to want to know and your earth will be fertile to receive the seeds and you will ascend into the Holy Place and on into the Most Holy Place within yourself.

When I write I know Yahweh is going to reveal Himself. These articles are a class unto themselves as it's still the same speaker, the Holy Spirit. The Internet is a manifestation of Spirit. Messages are being sent and received without a physical body being present. Yahweh downloaded the invention of computers and the Internet into man's mind right on time. It's a manifestation of information being stored now in the invisible. You only get to see it when it is downloaded.

Once you get your eyes opened to the purpose and plan of Yahweh, it then becomes your life. Since Yahweh is your life and has always been, then it is the recognition of this reality that transforms you. That is what changes you automatically is the awareness of Yahweh's Spirit being revealed by the divine vision in your body, soul and spirit.

We have all been living a lie. What ever our physical mind has told us we just excepted and believed. But now the truth is being known, we are learning the reality about ourselves and are able to discern.

We are the mystery ourselves. The fact that we didn't know Yahweh produced all our false concepts, ideas, and opinions. Nobody told us to prove all things, because they didn't know either. Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, our belief system was too. We were judging good and evil according to what we thought with our physical minds which has no real solid foundation in spiritual reality. We built our house on sand (tiny bits of stone) which will crumble when the Truth comes along which is built on a solid Rock. Upon this Rock Yahshua = nine divine attributes, and not that rock Yahshua on the cross. One is resurrected and the other is not.

The world doesn't know so it's the blind leading the blind. With this divine vision we have a way to understand Yahweh by a simple three fold pattern that Yahweh designed Himself. So how does one know the Truth? Just have faith my son is what the churches say to us. But that is inviting in blind faith. This divine vision will prove it to you and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

If you are trying to get into heaven by your intellect, your not even going to cross the first veil, only illusions and delusions. If you're trying out of obedience, then you are in the wrong age and still under the illusion that you must be good. Faith comes by hearing and that by the Word of Yahweh.

That is all you have to do, is listen to what Yahweh is saying. He is talking to us everyday if you have the ears to hear with. The Ark